Sahinler Air Hammer & Parts


In the Navy, a jet fighter is termed a “weapons platform”. The Sahinler Air Hammer is designed as a tool platform. It’s +8” stroke, 12” throat ( SM50), instantly interchangeable die setup and sensitive throttle control combine to produce an unbeatable force. Put yourself in control of that steel. With a Sahinler Air Hammer and Hammerhead Dies steel has met it’s match and will capitulate to your commands. The Sahinler SM-50 air hammer is a self contained forging hammer designed for use in blacksmith shops, welding and fabricating plants, maintenance facilities and schools.

Bladesmiths will find the Sahinler SM-50 the best choice for Damascus work. Interchangeable upper and lower dies allow the user to form hot metal into an infinite variety of shapes. The basic machine comes standard with flat dies, 2.375" x 4.75". Examples of optional dies include radius and flat combinations and radius, flat and fuller combos. Open faced mold dies can also be used, such as leaf and scroll end.