Blacksmithing Decorative & Sculptural

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Albert Paley - Portals & Gates


Portals and Gates offers the first comprehensive overview of Albert Paley's public, private, and institutional passageways and also highlights key works - both built and imagined - in his long career. This book presents the finest examples of Paley's distinctive interpretation of gates, portals, and passageways. Commissioned by both public institutions and private corporations, he has completed more than 50 site-specific works.

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Architectural Ironwork


This book showcases a vast array of ironwork commissioned for new commercial and residential building projects. Traditional styles in modern settings and designs that reach for new visual impact help to redefine ironwork's status in our current society. There are over 375 spectacular examples from more than 100 of today's top blacksmiths, supplemented with historical works from 15 countries, some derived from old French and English ironwork. These include doors and hardware, staircases and railings, and gates and fences. This book will inspire architects, builders, homeowners, and artist-blacksmiths with the wealth of beautiful ideas it contains.

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Art Deco Ironwork & Sculpture

Cook III and Skinner

Treasure is brought back to life in this fantastic volume of decorative ironwork and sculpture. Fantastic photography explores the work of artisans of the burgeoning Modern Art movement in Paris. Selected from folio volumes published in the mid 1920's to inspire fellow artists on the cutting edge, the more than 500 exciting pieces shared in this compendium have proven themselves timeless in their classic lines and exquisite detailing. This is a must-have volume for artisans of the forge, sculpture studios, and all fans of Art Deco-era decorative arts.

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Art Forms In The Plant World


Originally intended as reference for his work as architect, sculptor and teacher, Blossfeldt's exquisite sharp-focus photo studies of plant form-leaves, buds, stems, seed pods, tendrils and twigs-won acclaim with publication of the 1928 edition of this book. 120 full-page black-and-white plates. Original introduction. Publisher's note. Captions.

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Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork


Derived from now-unavailable sources, this anthology presents extensive documentation of the full range of Art Nouveau ironwork. Its 137 royalty-free photographs depict the gates, railings, balconies, doorways, staircases, elevator cages, grilles, lampposts, and other architectural features of structures throughout Europe. Captions identify source buildings and their locations, architects, and designers.
Dover Original.

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Art Nouveau Ironwork of Austria and Hungary

Santi & Gacher

The streets of Budapest, Hungary, and Vienna, Austria, are rich in masterpieces of Art Nouveau ironwork. Around nearly every corner of the residential districts and business hubs of these great cities, architectural treasures wait to be appreciated by the discerning eye. 500 vivid photos show the many, varied interpretations of Art Nouveau forms used in balustrades and balconies, lanterns and gates, doorways, elevator door facades, and more. This book will inspire many to make new travel plans and will delight everyone with a passion for beautiful decorative ironwork. Explanations of the settings discuss the details and decorative motifs associated with the various ironwork objects illustrated, and detailed photographs enhance the reader's understanding and appreciation. A bibliography is included.

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Beautiful Iron: The Pursuit of Excellence


Hundreds of examples of over 75 years' work of Master Blacksmith Francis Whitaker!  Each page shows a photograph of one piece, along with some written description, dimensions and length of time of completion. 

Beauty in the Shadows, Washington Cathedral


“Visitors coming to Washington National Cathedral are often overwhelmed by the impact of physical setting. What many do not notice on first visit, though, is what some would call the most impressive work of all in the Cathedral’s fabric: the ironwork of Washington National Cathedral. Now with this guide the intricate detail of the cathedral’s ironwork is revealed in beautiful and often surprising ways.

This book provides a collective way for all of us to experience this ironwork in its entire intricate splendor. It is the definitive catalogue and guide to the ironwork of Washington National Cathedral.”

The Rt. Rev. Gary Hall, Dean, Washington National Cathedral

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Blacksmith and His Art, The

J.E. Hawley

This is the story of blacksmithing, considered by many to be the "king of the Crafts". Smithing fathered the metal working industry, which we take for granted today. It is a story about an art which was recognized as an equal of other great art forms.

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Boone Wrought Iron

Photographed by Nick Vincent
Edited by Judy Boone

Daniel Boone the 7th has traced his blacksmithing heritage back 15 generations to 16th century England. This book is a tribute to his (and Judy's) success as a full time professional blacksmith; this after having a long career as a welder.

The book includes a brief bio, pictures of his shop and craft fair booth and a discussion on how he approaches the business of selling ironwork. This is followed by 6 chapters featuring the different types of ironwork he makes and sells. Along with the pictures there are brief sidebars which speak to various technical aspects involved in making the piece.

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Catching the Fire: Philip Simmons, Blacksmith

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Contemporary Blacksmith, The


Dona Z. Meilach tackles the revival of the blacksmith's art in this important book. She has brought together over 500 works by nearly 200 artist-craftsmen from 16 countries to illustrate the unprecedented activity in modern ironwork. In this current perspective, she shows how metal work has blossomed into a serious art form over the past 25 years, since the publication of her first classic book on the subject, Decorative & Sculptural Ironwork. Delving into the fascinating historical background of ironwork and designs rooted in art nouveau and art deco styles, Dona shows how the modern movement emerged. She introduces some of the men and women who are fascinated by smithing, and why and how the act of manipulating metal becomes such a powerful muse. You will learn several techniques using hot and cold forming with the results clearly shown. You will be able to recognize how a fence, railing, grille, table, chair, knife, and other items, evolve, and better appreciate their design and workmanship.

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Cyril Colnik, Man of Iron

Alan J. Strekow

Master metalsmith Cyril Colnik (1871–1958) was an Austrian-born artist who parlayed a gold medal at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago into a sixty-year career creating marvelously intricate gates, balustrades, chandeliers, grilles, architectural ornaments, and other decor for public buildings and the mansions of the wealthy in the “German Athens” of America—Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
    Legend has it that beer baron Captain Frederick Pabst convinced Colnik to come to Milwaukee, pointing to the commissions the talented craftsman could get from wealthy industrialists and merchants. Colnik’s artistry and technical mastery transformed metal into works of beauty and permanence for clients including Pabst, Charles Allis of Allis-Chalmers Inc., Herman Uihlein of Schlitz Brewing Co., Lloyd Smith of the A. O. Smith Corporation, and many others. Colnik’s creations in iron, brass, and bronze can still be seen at the Pabst Mansion house museum, Milwaukee’s City Hall, Mader’s Restaurant, Wisconsin Memorial Park, and in many other older buildings around the city. The largest collection is in Milwaukee’s Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum (formerly the mansion of the Smith family), where visitors can see both the wrought metalwork that Colnik created for the Smith home and a permanent exhibition of objects, photographs, and archival material by and about Colnik. The exhibition includes the tools of a blacksmith shop, complete with forge and anvil.
    Cyril Colnik, Man of Iron is the first book to document this metalsmith’s masterworks. It includes a biographical essay on Colnik and chapters that showcase the riches of the Villa Terrace’s Colnik collection and archives: photos of architectural features and collected objects at the Villa Terrace; examples of Colnik’s sketches, blueprints, and photographs; a trove of photos from Colnik’s personal collection that documented his work in now-unidentified homes and churches; and interior and exterior photographs of identifiable Milwaukee homes, businesses, and public buildings taken by Colnik, author Alan J. Strekow, and others. The book also includes an essay by present-day artisanal ironworker Daniel Nauman, a glossary of blacksmithing terms, a chronology of Colnik’s life and achievements, and a bibliography.

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Decorative Architectural Ironwork


Featuring Wrought & Cast Designs

One of the world's greatest collections of architectural ironwork is on display in the five boroughs of New York City. Author and photographer Diana Stuart captures the magnitude and impressive array of historic exterior designs in 400 color photographs, with background information and the location of each piece included in captions.

You will see iron fences, gates, newel posts, balustrades, railings, brackets, lamps, and much more. These stunning artifacts play a major role in the fabric of New York City's streetscape, and artists, designers, and iron workers will all be inspired by the rich selection of designs found here. This book also serves as an historical record of the amazing wrought ironwork to be found in this amazing outdoor museum -- New York City.

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Decorative Ironwork of Italy


Beautiful hand-wrought iron gates, grilles, architectural details, and fireplace equipment feature scroll work and floral embellishments, from many ancient towns in Italy. Medieval and rococo elements are plentiful. 487 full-page, black and white photographs illuminate details that will inspire blacksmiths and designers today. The original locations of the ironwork are identified in the text.
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Direct Metal Sculpture


Revised edition that contains all original materials plus some new material to update the history of direct metal sculpture over the past quarter century. Detailed step-by-step photos, as well as, useful information about equipment, methods, safety precautions and more.

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Early American Wrought Iron: 3 Volumes in One

Sonn (Blue Moon)

This is a wonderful old classic which has been out of print for years. It is a massive book of over 750 pages and 3000 drawings! It is actually three books in one, which explains its rather expensive price. This is a great coffee table book! Blue Moon Press had so many requests that they decided to reprint it in 2007. 

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Early Ironwork of Charleston, The


This book, reprinted from the original 1941 edition, is an important contribution to the history of Southern ironwork. Deas concerns himself with the period from the 1750's through the 1830's. There is a wealth of illustrations for the blacksmith and designer. Most pieces are traced to their earlier sources and then discussed in relation to the influence they may have exerted on later pieces.

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Edgar Brandt: Art Deco Ironwork


A premier metalsmith in the early 20th century in France, Edgar Brandt (1880-1960) designed and fabricated some of the most beautiful architectural and decorative ironwork of his age. This elegant book recounts his life and work with scholarly text and photographs. Lyrical gates, doors, and tables, including his most famous screen, L'Oasis, appeared at the seminal 1925 Exposition des Arts Décoratifs, in Paris, which gave the name Art Deco to the new style of designs. Combining motifs from ancient Egypt and classical Greek sources, floral and animals forms, and machine-inspired geometric designs, Brandt created items that became synonymous with the most lavish designs of the time. His workshop and showroom in Paris, along with a gallery that featured works by other contemporary artist-craftsmen, produced luxury goods and private commissions. Grilles, fire screens, doors, tables, andirons, vessels and lighting devices were exquisitely executed, and appear here to be studied and compared. Historians and art collectors interested in this fascinating period will find this book an invaluable reference.

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Feuer und Stahl (Hamburg)


Written in German. 

The catalogue covering the first IFGS (International Professional Association of Artist Blacksmiths-Germany)-exhibition in 1993 called "fires and steel" in Harrisburg.  It had to be there!  Complete your collection.

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Fireplace Accessories


Here is the first book that focuses on unique custom-made fireplace accessories as works of art by talented modern artist blacksmiths. Over 400 ideas for unusual fireplace designs reflect historical styles from Renaissance to Post-Modern. You will be amazed at the infinite effects that can be wrought from a bar of metal between the hammers and anvils of more than 100 master artist blacksmiths from nine countries. You'll learn to appreciate the forms that are used, from scrolls to carved animals, and to recognize their texturing, unusual handles and hinges, supports, and more. Fire screens, hoods, doors, andirons, grates, tongs, pokers, shovels, brooms, and their stands emerge as significant decorative items in today's homes. This is also a wonderful source book for homeowners and designers seeking original art for their homes. You will marvel at the artistry, variety, and craftsmanship.

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Found Object Art


Inside are hundreds of examples showing trash transformed into fascinating sculpture, collages, furniture, jewelry, and clothing - some items functional, some not. Meet the artists who count themselves among an exclusive club of dumpster divers and garbage pickers from all over the United States. And watch as other people's junk finds new life as treasure. This book and the innovative artisans inside, will profoundly influence the way you view life and its everyday detritus.

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Found Object Art 2


From once-cast_aside items, these artists have carefully crafted fine jewelry to experiential gallery installations. This book takes you on an exciting tour through their imaginations. Experience the found object movement touted by artists and groups. 83 artists from across the United States and Europe are represented in 487 original artworks. Many of them make their work a poignant environmental message, some uncover treasure and transcendent beauty, and still others set out simply to evoke a smile. This is a delightful treasury of one-of-a-kind artworks that you'll want to study and be inspired by time and again. A listing of galleries that represent the artists shown is included.

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Fred Borcherdt, 50 Years of Sculpture

This striking book features the life work of Fred Borcherdt as seen at galleries and exhibitions past. The photographic detail is superb. There is an excellent introduction to help you see inside of Fred and what influenced his sculptures.

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From Fire to Form: Sculpture from the Modern Blacksmith and Metalsmith


Over 500 striking color photos display artworks produced by today's leading blacksmiths and metalsmiths. Revealed here are beautiful sculptures, created by long-established and new artists, and destined for individual homes, public parks, and other outdoor venues.