Handles & Holders

File and rasp handles fit on the tang of the rasp or file. We offer a variety of sizes for different size tangs. Our styles vary greatly to offer more comfort and function dependent on the situation or user.

Our rasp holders will help your rasps last longer by protecting them from other tools in your tool box.

Pieh Legacy Leather Rasp Case

Anvil Brand Leather Rasp Cover

Yoder Aluminum Rasp Holder

Double S Rasp End Cap (Cover)

Double S Aluminum Rasp Handle

FPD Aluminum Rasp Handle

Save-Edge Rasp Handle

VFT Denmark Rasp Handle

Equithotics Rasp Handle

Bellota Rasp Handle

Wooden Screw-on File Handle for 3-6 inch Files

NC Rasp Holder

Wooden Screw-on Handle for 8 inch Files

Wooden Screw-on Handle for 14 inch Rasps

Wooden Screw-on Handle for 14 inch Rasps

Thera Flex Rubber Rasp Cover