Clinch Blocks, Cutter, Gouges

Clinch cutters are designed to have a sharp and very hard heat-treated cutting edge for quick and easy shearing of nail clinches.  The striking surface is not as hard to save the life of your driving hammer.  The handy pointed end is used as a hoof pick or nail hole cleaner (pritchel). A gouge is used for under-cutting the clinches. A clinch block is used to set nail clinches on a horses hoof.

Pieh Clinch Cutter

Delta Edge Clinch Cutter

Nordic Forge Clinch Cutter

Diamond Clinch Cutter

Mustad Clinch Cutter

Double S Clinch Cutter/Gouge Combo

Jim Blurton Clinch Cutter/Gouge Combo Tool

Double S Double Gouge (Under Cut)

Double S Gouge, Single

Mustad Hoof Gouge (Under Cut)

Diamond Clinch Block

W-Brand Half-Round Clinch Block