Pritchels, Punches

A pritchel is a type of punch used in forging, particularly in making nail holes in horseshoes. The horseshoe is heated and a hole is punched through 90 percent of the steel with a forepunch or drift punch. Then the punched hole is lined up over the pritchel hole and the pritchel is driven into the hole, knocking out the remaining metal at the bottom of the punched hole.

Center punches are used to form an impression (mark) of the tip on a workpiece prior to making a hole.

Nordic Forge Pritchel (Hot) 10.5 in.

Nordic Forge Pritchel (Cold), 12 in.

Diamond Pritchel

Flatland Forge Pritchel

Jim Blurton Pritchel

Flatland Forge Center Punch

Pieh Tool Center Punch

Flatland Forge Stud Punch 5/16

Jim Blurton Bob Punch