Horse Rasps

Files designed specifically for a horses hoof. Hoof rasps are used to remove excess hoof wall from a horse's hoof and are used for shaping. We offer both finish files and hoof rasps in various lengths from Pony to Draft.

10 inch File Card and Brush

Sand Bar

VFT Denmark Sanding Unit, Double Sided (Soft)

VFT Denmark Sanding Unit, Single Sided (Soft)

VFT Sanding Unit Sleeves

Cody James Dymondback Complete (blade & frame)

Cody James Dymondback Replacement Blade

Cody James Dymondback End Cap

Bellota Mini Rasp with Handle

Bellota Classic Rasp, 14 inch

Bellota Raptor Rasp, 14 inch

Bellota Top Sharp Rasp, 14 inch


Bellota Razor Rasp Plus, 14 inch

Heller Black Master Rasp, 14 inch

Heller Black Legend, 14 inch

Heller Legend Rasp, 14 inch

Heller eXcel Original Rasp, 14

Heller GR8T Legend 8 Tooth Rasp, 14 inch

Heller GR8T Red Tang 8 Tooth Rasp, 14 inch

Heller Red Tang Rasp, 14 inch