Hoof Nippers

Nippers are used to remove the surplus growth of the hoof wall. Several sizes are available: 14, 15 and 16 inch nippers are used where more leverage is needed on dry hoofs and on draft horses; 12 inch nippers can be used on show horses, racehorses and foals and those with weak hand strength.

Nipper Spring


Pieh Tool Hoof Nippers

G.E. EZ Hoof Nipper

G.E. Half-Round Hoof Nipper, 12 inch

G.E. Classic Hoof Nippers

G.E. Race Track Hoof Nipper

ICAR Smiths Hoof Nippers

ICAR Smiths Race Track Hoof Nipper

Jim Keith Hoof Nippers

Jim Keith Race Track Hoof Nipper, 14 inch

Lopez Hoof Nippers

Nordic Forge Professional Trimming Kit

Nordic Forge Viking 14 Race Track Nippers - Semi Polished

Nordic Forge Viking Half-Round Hoof Nipper, 12 inch

Nordic Forge Viking Hoof Nipper

Nordic Forge Viking Hoof Nippers - Semi Polished

Diamond Hoof Nipper, 12 inch

Diamond Hoof Nipper, 14 inch

Diamond Hoof Nipper, 15 inch