Our manufacturer is only able to support parts for past customers of new hammers. We apologize for this inconvenience for owners of used Sahinler air hammers.

Hammerhead Power Hammer Dies for the Sahinler Air Hammers

Hammerhead Dies are made from tool steel that is specifically designed for impact applications. It can be safely made harder than other steels, such as the 41xx or 4xx series, or the Hxx series. All of the flat and combination dies are made taller than standard by + .25"( 3.5" vs. 3.25"). This additional material increases the useful life of the die by allowing for several re-machinings of the surface. All of the dies we sell are machined and heat treated in Tennessee, giving Hammerhead Power Hammer Dies the edge in quality, price and availability. Need a custom die set? Please inquire!


General Specifications for Hammerhead Dies
Material: S-7 Deluxe Air Hardening Shock Steel
Machining Tolerances: +/- .005"
Heat Treat Method: Digitally controlled electric furnace, moving air quench.
Finished Hardness: 52-54 Rockwell-c
Compatability: Sahinler, Kuhn, Glaser (Sahinler), customized to fit most other brands.

Hammerhead Die Size Chart
Dies are compatible with hammers based on the size of the hammer dovetail. For most dies, we have two sizes: large dovetail and small dovetail.  

Dovetail DiesLarge Dovetail Dies
Large dovetail dies fit Air Hammers with dovetail dimensions 2-1/8" wide x 1-1/4" high. This includes the following Power Hammers:

Sahinler SM-50 and SM-60
Glaser 50/60
Sayha SSM50
Kuhn K/CF-50


Small Dovetail Dies
Small dovetail dies fit Air Hammers with dovetail dimensions 1-5/8" wide x 1-1/8" high. This includes the following Power Hammers:



Sahinler SM-34 and SM-40
Glaser 34/40
Kuhn K/CF-22


Custom Dovetail Dies

Custom dovetail dies fit Air Hammers with other dovetail dimensions. This includes the following Power Hammers:
Big Blu
Little Giant

Please call us toll free in the USA at 888-743-4866 or 928-554-0700 to inquire as to the suitability of our dies for your hammer!

Wedge keys for SM34 dies

Wedge keys for SM50/60 dies

Upper Saddle Die (one die)

Hardy Hole Holder (one die)

Special Toolmakers Dies

Peening Texture Die (one die)

Bark Texture Die (pair)

Cross Fuller Texture Die (one die)

Wedge Taper Flat Combination

Wide Wedge Taper Dies

Ball Spindle Dies

Stake Insert Die (one die, includes one blank stake)

Stake Insert Die Blank Stake (one stake)

Ball End Finial Die

Large Double Combination Dies

Large Triple Combination Dies

Large Drawing - Fuller Combination Dies

Large Drawing Dies

Standard Flat Dies

Standard Double Combination Dies