Concave Shoes/Barstock

Husband and wife team Billy and Lucy Crothers set up "Handmade Shoes" farriery supplies in Buckinghamshire in 1998. Billy shoes horses on a daily basis, training apprentices within a multi-farrier practice. Billy's passion for shoeing and shoemaking is as strong today as it has ever been – he has now trained in excess of 15 apprentices and successfully competed in many farriery competitions throughout the world including winning the prestigious World Championships no less than five times.

Close in quality to a hand forged shoe, this shoe has a symmetrical, elliptical shape, 'forged' upright heels, unique 'bob punch' clips and crisp nail holes which offer excellent fit and correct pitch.

Hind shoes are sided with safe inside heel and toe.

Sold in boxes of 10 pairs, available in toe clipped and unclipped front, hinds available side clipped or unclipped.

HMS Concave (3/4 x 3/8) Shoes

Handmade Horseshoes
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Handmade Horseshoes by Billy Crothers


Made in England.

Front Item #: HM34x38-5F,HM34x38-6F, HM34x38-7F

Hind Item #: HM34x38-5H,HM34x38-6H, HM34x38-7H

Front Clipped Item #: HM34x38-5FSC, HM34x38-6FSC, HM34x38-7FSC

Hind Clipped Item #: HM34x38-5HSC, HM34x38-6HSC, HM34x38-7HSC

HMS Concave Barstock

Handmade Horseshoes
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Handmade Shoes Pre-Cut Concave Steel cut to 6 foot lengths.

Made in England.

Item #: BSC34x38-6, BSC78x38-6