Ball Spindle Dies

Power Hammers LLC
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3.25 x 5.00" 1" ball in 1.25" round Be creative with your balustrade spindles while making the perfect sphere every time. Produces a beautiful faceted 1" ball with .5" round entries Other sizes are available - please inquire.

Item #: BSD

Swage dies are used for producing specific shapes in the middle( BFD) or on the ends (BEF) of solid round or square bar. Many times 2 operations are necessary when using the dies: the first uses the swage or spindle die to forge the shape into the desired location on the stock. The second operation uses a combination die to taper the remaining bar to the required sizes. In a production situation this sequence is most efficiently carried out with a second hammer, allowing the same heat to be used for both operations. The wide taper flat combinations ( WTF, WTD), while not technically a spindle die, have proven themselves superior in producing 3” or shorter pyramid points or straight tapers. Process times of around 15 seconds per part in 1” square A36 have been maintained over periods of several hours.