Cross Fuller Texture Die (one die)

Power Hammers LLC
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2.375 x 4.75" Staggered, interrupted .125" wide raised ridges are spaced .375" apart in rows to produce a lovely subtle texture in flat or square material. This texture was used extensively in French Deco of the 1920's.


Item #: CF

Texture dies are ideal for quickly and economically creating surface interest on large areas of flat, round or square steel, bronze, aluminum or copper. Classic French art deco from the 1920’s made much use of the cross fuller texture( CF) while today’s mountain lodges use the peened (PD) look on much of the exposed beam connecting joinery and hardware. Bark texture on multiple sizes of stock are possible with the BTD. Getting beyond the mill finish on stock metal is key to setting your work apart. Texturing dies make it fast and easy.