Hardy Hole Holder (one die)

Power Hammers LLC
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The Hardy Hole Holder is the most useful gadget at my forge. It slips around the lower die, resting on the sow block. The 1" square hole accepts a tenoned .75 x 4" x 8" A36 plate, which rests on the die. Myriad shop-made accessories can then be welded to this plate.


Item #: HHH

Tool holding dies enable the blacksmith to use various specialty tools that are quickly interchanged or shifted. The SFSD features is a flat die with a .5” hole through the side. Shop made saddles are then simply bolted to the die for quick and dirty tooling. The FDT has a .75” hole through the working face, with a Weldon-type set screw through the side. Tenoned stake dies are then mounted vertically in this arrangement, making it possible to use very small precise fullers, mushrooms, or texturing stakes. The Hardy Hole Holder (HHH) surrounds the lower die and provides a 1” square hardy hole with acme holding screw. By using the .75” thick flat plates mounted atop the lower die , shop made jigs and fixtures are readily created. Beveling dies, short run texturing dies and other intermittent use dies are easily made to order.