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This course will emphasize the use of hand tools in the knife making process and will fit one handle; and if time permits, guards and ferrules. Each student will forge and finish at least one knife blade from 5160. His course covers proper fire procedures, blade forging of a stick and full tang and the integral bolster.

This is a hands-on course but there will be a lecture on the structure and composition of the blade material. Decorative etching, file work, mosaic and damascus will also be discussed. 

Knife Making class in Arizona with Ray Rybar.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 7 AM - 6 PM (1 Hour Lunch)


  • Basic techniques of knife making
    How to forge from a coil spring
    Heat treating and tempering
    How to grind and shape a knife style of your choice
    How to shape and fit handle material of your choice
    How to rivet the handle
    About what it takes to do decorative etching, file work, mosaic and damascus
    About what it takes to make a sheath for your knife
    About the structure and composition of blade materials


  • Propane Forges, a Coal Forge, Anvils and Vises
    Swage blocks
    Sahinler Power Hammer
    TW90 Grinder, Baldor Grinder/Sander
    Chop Saw
    Band Saw
    Angle Grinders
    Hydraulic Forging Press
    Lots of tools


You will forge, grind, heat treat and finish one knife complete with handle.
Level is Beginner/Intermediate. Class size is limited to 6. If class is full we will contact you to see if another date will work for you.

Item #: BPRFM-Knife

Cancellation Policy:
$100 is non-refundable. The remainder of the fees may be applied to another class within 14 days notice of class date. Cancellations after 14 days prior to class are not refundable or transferable. Pieh Tool has the right to cancel a class that is not full.

General Information:
We provide a complete workstation with gas forge, anvil, tools and vise. Students should bring their own handle material, a notebook and pen. Students are required to wear safety glasses, and ear protection. Pieh Tool has a full line of blacksmithing supplies available for purchase as well.

Coffee, donuts and water provided.


Daily shuttle service available to/from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and Camp Verde. For information call 928-282-2066 or view their website at