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Enhanced Didymium Safety Glasses

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We offer a larger frame which can fit over eye glasses, Item #66BK. These are very special glasses and differ from Item # 9300, they are not only adjustable on the arms (from the front of the frame to where it loops at your ear is an arm) but it can also be tilted up and down at the frame! 

Item #: 66BK

We offer the highest quality filtered glasses lenses made in Germany. Enhanced Didymium reduces MORE of the bright yellow sodium flare glare and blocks about 3% of Inferred -The Heat given off from the flame; and blocks about 25% of Ultra Violet light-The Sunburn Rays. You can see fairly well in normal light as well.

This glass material was developed in its original form for color enhancement of the primary colors Red, Green, and Blue. It has the ability to filter the sodium flare at 575 to 600 Nm. There also appears to be some benefit from the color enhancement properties for the glass, by improving the judgment of temperature. It affords adequate protection in the ultra violet wavelengths, and some improved protection in the near and mid infrared spectrum. 

Item #s:  9300 or 66BK