Raising Hammers

The Peddinghaus hammers we have listed below are made in Germany for working jewelers and metalsmiths. Heads are forged for superior durability. All meet ISO and DIN standards. They are made of high grade steel and are the most reliable hammers you'll find anywhere. All hammers feature finely balanced heads for an easy accurate swing. Handles are smooth and of ash or hickory for a comfortable grip.

Bossing Mallets

Peddinghaus Double Faced Polishing Hammer, 400 gr

Peddinghaus Polishing Hammer

Peddinghaus Shrinking Hammer (2 different faces)

Peddinghaus Shrinking Hammer, 300 gr (2 different faces)

Peddinghaus Stretching Hammer

Peddinghaus Grooving Hammer

Peddinghaus Grooving Hammer, 300 gr (2 different faces)

Peddinghaus Finishing and Grooving Hammer, 380 gr

Peddinghaus Embossing Hammer, 100 gr

Peddinghaus Embossing Hammer

Peddinghaus Bordering Hammer

Peddinghaus Chasing Hammer, 300 gr

Peddinghaus Chasing Hammer (Silversmiths), 400 gr