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Blacksmith Supplies
We offer a large range of tools for the blacksmith, knifemaker, coppersmith, sculptor and sheet metal worker. Most of our blacksmith supplies come from Germany and the United States. Find hard to find anvil tools like hardies mandrels, swages and fullers. Our welding flux, hand punch, rivet header, rivet and lag bolt selection is sure to satisfy your needs and budget!  



Hoof Staples

Hoof Staple: Keeping It Together

The first line of offense in fixing a hoof crack is to stabilize the hoof and coronet to encourage healthy new growth of the wall, we are taught. How to stabilize and how far down the hoof wall are important questions to consider. A new product called Hoof Staple gives alternatives and adjustability in the treatment of cracks. Stainless steel "staples", sometimes called "French clips", are available in three sizes, and hold either side of the hoof wall in a desired position.

Item #: HS14, HS316, HS516