Welding Fluxes

The Anti-Borax Company was founded in 1902. Today, 100 years later, the fluxes are still used for bronze brazing, cast-iron welding, and other applications used for metal joining in blacksmithing and forge processes. Most of the compounds we offer are under the Anti-Borax brand name.


Anti-Borax Super Stable Weld, 1 lb

Weight: lbs

A mixture of forge borax and a welding compound. There is little metal filings and works best when welding in a gas forge. It is basically the EZ Weld, Cherry and Climax compositions, but with a lower metal leading (12%). It is used in forge applications that require a lower metal concentration in the flux. It works like EZ Weld in most forge welding  processes, and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

This flux is very popular with knifemakers.

Item #: SSW1

Anhydrous White Borax, 1 lb

Weight: lbs

Anhydrous Borax (Na2B4O7)

A mixture of borax and ammonium chloride is used as a flux when welding iron and steel. It lowers the melting point of the unwanted iron oxide (scale), allowing it to run off. Borax is also used mixed with water as a flux when soldering jewelry metals such as gold or silver. It allows the molten solder to flow evenly over the joint in question. Borax is also a good flux for 'pre-tinning' tungsten with zinc - making the tungsten soft-solderable.

Borax, also known as sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, or disodium tetraborate, is an important boron compound, a mineral, and a salt of boric acid. It is usually a white powder consisting of soft colorless crystals that dissolve easily in water.

Item #: AWB1

Anti-Borax Forge Borax


It is formulated for forge welding of stainless steel and helps remove oxides and make steel easier to work with at welding temperature. Excellent for finishing heats, toe caulk and plow work.


Item #: FB1 or FB5

Pieh E-Z Weld Flux

Pieh Tool

Pieh EZ Weld is packaged in a convenient 1 or 5 lb can.

Adheres to metal at a low heat and is equally good for lap, split, butt, or jump welding. It enables blacksmiths to weld tool steel, plow open hearth and bessemer at significantly lower temperatures than other compounds while making strong, smooth welds. Can be used with steel as well as iron.


Prepared by Anti-Borax Co.

Item #: PEZ1, PEZ5 (Replaces Item #: EZ5)

Black Magic Welding Flux, 2 lb

Weight: lbs
  • Sticks at a black heat
  • Easy Cleanup, No Residue
  • Works Great in Coal or Gas Forges

This flux sticks to your work even at a black heat, does not foam and fall off.  Does not make a mess of your forge or your fire.

  1. For a lap weld, simply dip the two ends you want to join into the flux when they are hot. The flux will stick to the work and then you are ready to put them into the fire and bring them to welding heat.
  2. You don't need a lot of flux for a good weld.
  3. Use a flux spoon for pieces that won't fit in the can, sprinkle the flux on, or roll the weld area in the flux on your spoon.

After your weld is complete there is not need to wire brush to remove the flux, it is gone!

Item #: BMF

Anti-Borax Crescent Welding Compound, 1 lb

Weight: lbs

Crescent is a substitute for Borax on fine work forgings. Crescent contains no metal filings and thus cleans easier. Used for finishing heats, toe caulk and plow work. Very popular amongst farriers.


Item #: CW1

Mustad Sure-Weld

A mixture of forge borax and a welding compound. There are little metal filings and works best when welding in a gas forge. It is, however, equally effective when used in coal forges. Only a small amount is needed for each weld, so it is both effective and economical. Very popular amongst farriers.

Item #: SW, SW16

Anti-Borax Aluminum Welding Flux No. 8, 1 lb

Weight: lbs
Special Order Item
Anti Borax Welding Flux #8. Active temperature range, 1500-2900 degrees F, 815-1540 degrees C

 Item# ABC8

Anti-Borax Brazing Flux No. 2, 1 lb

ACRO Sales
Weight: lbs

Brazing powder fluxes provide an alternative to the paste fluxes. One may add water and mix the flux to the desired thickness. Effective for general-purpose uses. Can be used when brazing brass, copper, steel, malleable iron, bronze and other metals.

Filler Metals: BAg, BCu, BNi, BAu, RBCuZn.

Temperature range: 1400-2200ºF/760-1205ºC

Specifications: AWS A5.31-91, Type FB3J, Mil-F-16136B, Type A/Type B



Item #: ABBF1

Acro-No Acid Flux, 9 oz

ACRO Sales
Weight: lbs
Special Order

Directions for Babbitt: Heat Babbitt to 850 degrees F and throw liberal amount of flux on surface. Stir vigorously from top to bottom with skimmer. Then stir horizontally in circular manner to collect skimmings at center and skim off. Repeat until there is a clean separation of metal and oxides.

Directions for Zinc: Heat Zinc until quite molten and then follow the same instructions for Babbitt.

Note: Flux produces a white smoke that is harmless, but ventilation is recommended.


Item #: NACFLX