Files - Metal

Filing is a material removal process in manufacturing. Similar to both sawing and grinding, but used mostly for finishing operations, such as in deburring operations. Filing operations can be used on a wide range of materials as a finishing technique. Filing helps achieve workpiece function by removing some excess material and deburring the surface. Sandpaper may be used as a filing tool for other materials or when working in a difficult to reach area.

We offer files for metal by Nicholson and Simonds.

Nicholson Round Chainsaw File

  • 01630, 01888

Save Edge Round Chainsaw File, 8 inch (3/16)

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  • 637-3031
  • SCSF188

Nicholson Hoof Knife Honer/Sharpening File

  • 10627

Veneer File, 2 Round Edges

  • 710-000FS

Nicholson Flat Chainsaw File, 8 inch

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  • 02215

Nicholson Flat Bastard Cut, 14 inch

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  • 03863

Nicholson Flat Magicut File

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  • 07894, 07917

Nicholson Mill Bastard Cut, 6 inch

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  • 08354

Nicholson Extra Slim Taper File, 8 inch

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  • 14729N

Nicholson Half Round Pipeliner File, 14 inch

  • 05190N

Nicholson Warding Bastard Cut File, 4 inch

  • 16507