Driving (Farrier) Hammers

The essential part of a hammer is the head, a compact solid mass that is able to deliver the blow to the intended target without itself deforming. The opposite or back side has a claw for pulling or prying out nails.

As the impact between steel hammer heads and the objects being hit can, and does, create sparks, which in some industries such as underground coal mining with methane gas, or in other hazardous environments containing flammable gases and vapors, can be dangerous and risk igniting the gases. In these environments you should use extreme caution.

Viking Driving Hammer

Gray Mapston Driving Hammer

Gray Mapston Replacement Heads

Flatland Forge Driving Hammer

Double S Driving Hammer

Jim Blurton Driving Hammer

NC Soldier Driving Hammer,12 oz

NC Cavalry Driving Hammer, 10 oz

NC Cavalry Driving Hammer, 12 oz

NC Cavalry Driving Hammer, 14 oz

Horse Head Driving Hammer

Diamond Farrier Driving Hammer, 10 oz

Diamond Farrier Driving Hammer, 14 oz

Delta Shoe Fix (Multi-Tool)