V-Bit Tongs

The ORIGINAL Billy V-bit Tongs were designed for blacksmiths to hold round or square stock with no decoration on the end however the V-Bit Bolt tong will.  Because both style tongs have a side V-bit you can pick up decorative stock, such as a scrolled hook, from the side.  

The jaws are smooth and rounded on top with a V notch in the front of the jaw running its length. The  side has one V-notch about 1/2" from the jaw end.  They are perfect for hard to reach areas and are quick to use in many situations. The handles are round to flat with balls on the ends.   Made to last a life time with proper care.  They are forge from strong high carbon steel.

Billy V-Bit Bolt Tongs


Billy V-Bit Tongs


Billy Knifemaker Tongs, Z V-Bit Style


Billy V-Bit Bolt Heavy Tongs 14 Reins - 1 in.

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Billy V-Bit Bolt Heavy Tongs , 18 in Reins

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