Knifemaking & Damascus Classes

Ray has been forging steel for over forty years.  He has been smelting his own iron and steel for over twenty years.  He has been collecting and smelting his own copper and silver ore for more than ten years.

Ray is one of less than one hundred and fifty Master Smiths registered worldwide by the American Bladesmith society.  The American Bladesmith Society is the accepted worldwide standard for forging excellence.  Queen Elizabeth's armorer, James Jackson, came to the United States in 2001 to test for the coveted American Bladesmith Master stamp.  Both Mr. Jackson and Ray Rybar were successful that year.

Ray's work is collected not only domestically but also worldwide.  He has been the recipient of Best Art Award at the Blade International Expo in Atlanta once and recipient of the Best Damascus Award twice.  Ray has received many other awards which are too numerous to mention.

Ray is also an accomplished teacher and has taught classes at Touchstone Center for the Crafts in Pennsylvania, the Bill Moran School for Bladesmithing in Arkansas, the Tannehill Ironworks in Alabama, Pieh Tool Company in Arizona, and also one on one classes in his own shop located in Camp Verde, Arizona.

His work can be seen published between the covers of "Art of the Knife", by Joe Kertzman, and "Spirit of the Sword", by Steve Shackelford, as well as numerous monthly publications.

Pieh Tool offers periodic bladesmith classes with Ray Rybar in Camp Verde, Arizona. Classes are geared toward beginner to intermediate skill levels. Blacksmithing experience is recommended. Consider taking our beginning blacksmith class first.

*All students enrolled in our classes may take advantage of store wide 10% discount on merchandise purchases made during the class session.

Exclusions: Fly Presses, Jet Machinery & Equipment, Johnson Furnaces, Wilton equipment or any of the aforementioned accessories. Also excludes Classes, Gift Certificates and Sale items.




Knifemaking Class

Pieh Tool Company has contracted American Bladesmith Society Master Smith, Ray Rybar to conduct this class.

Damascus Class

This is a basic damascus class. This is not a knifemaking course.