artistic blacksmith classes

Pieh Tool offers monthly artistic blacksmith classes in Camp Verde, Arizona. Classes are geared toward beginner to intermediate skill levels. No prior experience is required so don't worry!


*All students enrolled in our classes may take advantage of store wide 10% discount on merchandise purchases made during the class session.

Exclusions: Power hammers, Machinery, Forging Presses, Fly Presses, Jet Machinery & Equipment, Johnson Furnaces, Wilton equipment or any of the aforementioned accessories. Also excludes Classes, Gift Certificates and Sale items.

  • 3 Day 'One on One' style instruction
  • Only 6 students per course.

3 Day Blacksmith Class at Pieh Tool

Pieh Tool
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These are busy active classes, please wear good shoes!

Blacksmith class in Arizona with Dylan Cook.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 7 am - 6 pm

Level is Beginner/Intermediate. Class size is limited to 6.

If class is full or canceled, we will contact you to see if another date will work for you.

Basic techniques of blacksmithing, traditional joinery, forge welding, tool making.

This course is designed for the true beginner to intermediate blacksmith.  No experience necessary.  Instruction is focused on the use of the anvil, and hammer control.  Projects are focused in fundamental forging techniques and tool making, to create decorative and ornamental ironwork.  Participants will be supplied all tools and materials to use while participating in the curriculum.

Projects include, but are not limited to: Hot chisel, S hook, Key rack, BBQ fork chili pepper, Candle holder, Bottle opener, and a V-bit tong AND MORE!


 Item #: BPRFM-BLK

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Required Safety Gear: Safety glasses, gloves (leather not recommended), closed-toed shoes, ear plugs, non-synthetic clothing (cotton is good!), A positive attitude.

Glasses, gloves and ear protection may be purchased on site.

Propane Forges, a Coal Forge, 7 Anvils, Vises, Swage blocks, Welding equipment, SM34 Air Hammer, Baldor Grinder/Sander, TW90 Knifemaker 72" Belt Sander,  JET Floor Size Drill Press, 25 Ton Big Blu Hydraulic Forging Press, Band Saw, Chop Saws, Angle Grinders, and lots of tools!

We are sorry but we are unable to hold a class with a deposit. We do require full payment.

 Pieh Tool has the right to cancel a class that is not full.

General Information:
We provide a complete workstation with gas forge, anvil, tools and vise. Students should bring a notebook and pen. Students are required to wear safety glasses, and ear protection. Pieh Tool has a full line of blacksmithing supplies available for purchase as well.

Coffee, donuts and water provided.


Daily shuttle service available to/from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and Camp Verde. For information call 928-282-2066 or view their website at

Name of service: Education
Description of Service: Blacksmith class
Experience Level Level is Beginner/Intermediate.
Class Size Class size is limited to 6.
Duration 3 consecutive days
Time Friday thru Sunday, 7am-6pm
Materials Needed None, we provide what you need.
Minimum Age

We welcome aspiring youth. Generally the limit is at 16 yrs old, as rule. A parent or other adult is required to be there to assist student.

Occasionally, we have allowed "capable" 13 yr - 15 yr olds.Best to inquire.

Discounts Students receive a 10% discount off most items during class session.

Dylan Cook first began working with metal at the age of 12, welding bed frames together in the hopes of building a helicopter.  The helicopter never became a reality, but the love of working with metal was born! After high school, Dylan worked in sheet metal fabrication until he was introduced to forging by Mike Riemer in 2007.  As a striker, Dylan was able to see the metal move with heat and hammer and quickly realized that it was the way he wanted to work with the material. Dylan wanted to (and still wants to) learn from as many different smiths as he could/can, and to promote the craft.  He started a special charter boarding school where the exposure to a variety is blacksmith program at a local high school where students would make functional and sculptural projects as well as installations for the schools beautification initiative.

Currently, Dylan works out of his forge in Prescott, Arizona, and teaches workshops at Pieh Tool Company, in Camp Verde, Arizona