Diamond Tool and Horseshoe Company was founded by Otto Swanstrom in 1908 and was known as the Diamond Calk Horseshoe Company. Otto, who was working as a blacksmith in the lumber camps, realized that the time-consuming tasks of shoe removal and sharpening of the calk could be improved. At that point Otto invented the removable calk. The company began with two employees manufacturing the patented calk for horseshoes. In 1912 Otto build his first plant and began to manufacture horseshoes. Over the years the Diamond product line expanded to include a full line of farrier tools as well as many other hand tools and hand tool products.

Diamond Specials Steel Shoes

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Rounder in shape than Diamond Classic shoes to give a "fuller fit". The Diamond Specials wider web provides more hoof wall support and protection to the hoof. Clean nail holes and a smooth bearing surfaces makes shoeing easier. The precision hole pattern allows accurate nail placement. The increased inside shoe taper provides relief from snow and clay build-up. Specials are easily worked cold to fit either front or hind hooves.

Specification measurements in inches

 Item#  Size  Length  Width  Shoe Wt
 DS000  3X0   4-7/16  4 -1/16   7.4 oz
 DS00  2X0  4-3/4  4-3/8   8.3 oz
 DS0  0  5  4-11/16   9.1 oz
 DS1  1  5-9/32  4-15/16  10.5 oz
 DS2  2  5-5/8  5-3/16  12.5 oz
 DS4  4  6-5/8  6-1/8  18.2 oz
 DS5  5  7-1/4   6-1/2   22.2 oz

Sizes 3x0-0 have 20 pair per box; Sizes 1-5 have 10 pair to a box.