The Kerckhaert Horseshoe company has been manufacturing horseshoes since 1916. The company's policy has always been to keep the customer satisfied. To achieve this, high standards of superior craftsmanship and design are necessary. The horseshoes are manufactured under strict supervision. Today they have a range of more than 700 different type of horseshoes. If you are interested in other shoes we do not carry by Kerckhaert, please email or call us to make your request. 

Very few companies in the Netherlands are entitled to call themselves “Royal”. Before receiving the honor “by Royal Warrant” the company is screened by the local and national government. If both authorities give positive approval to Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Her Majesty then grants the title, “by Royal Warrant”.

Only about 150 companies in the Netherlands are currently entitled to use the prestigious title, “by Royal Warrant”. In 2006, when the Kerckhaert company was 100 years old, Kerckhaert was inspected by the local and national governments. As a result of this, Kerckhaert was extremely honored to receive the “by Royal Warrant” in July 2008. All “Royal Warrant” enterprises are allowed to incorporate a crown in their logo.


Kerckhaert Triumph Steel, Front

Kerckhaert, Triumph Steel, Hind

Kerckhaert Triumph Light Steel, Front

Kerckhaert, Triumph Light Steel, Hind

Kerckhaert Triumph Steel Side Clipped, Front

Kerckhaert Triumph Steel Side Clipped, Hind

Kerckhaert, Comfort Steel Side Clip

Kerckhaert Standard

Kerckhaert Standard Extra

Kerckhaert Standard Rim

Kerckhaert SSP

Kerckhaert SX8, Front

Kerckhaert SX8, Hind

Kerckhaert SX8 Quarter Clip, Front

Kerckhaert SX8 Side Clip, Hind

Kerckhaert, SX7 Front (18x7)

Kerckhaert, SX7 Hind (18x7)

Kerckhaert, SX7 Quarter Clipped, Front

Kerckhaert, SX7 Quarter Clipped, Hind

Kerckhaert SX Roller Front