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The NEW Johnson Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnace

Johnson Furnaces are perfect for the Artist, Blacksmith, & Sculptor!  The new Johnson Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnaces are fast, clean, safe, easy to operate and affordable. They are designed for use by artists and industry alike for both training and high production work at a cost dramatically lower than conventional alternatives.
Johnson is the first ceramic shell burn-out system easily within the grasp of every Department of Art and fine arts foundry.

Fully Engineered, Low Cost, Wax Burn-Out System

The Johnson Burn-Out System incorporates all the technology of the ceramic shell process of lost wax casting that is frequently accomplished with expensive, complicated and often dangerous autoclave/kiln systems.
The BIG 3' x 3' I.D. expandable Johnson Burn-Out Furnace is designed to safely and economically ready a ceramic shell as large as 3' x 4' through the complete ceramic shell process in minutes rather than hours.

Fast, Economical Heat

Powerful, continuous-duty Johnson blowers combined with specially designed tangent flame burners insure the uniform spread of flame in the heat chamber. This produces the fastest burn-out and curing times and insures economical operation. Johnson Furnaces reach 1800° F. (shell pouring temperature) in less than 20 minutes!

Easy, Safe Operation

The furnaces have special elevated heating chambers for easy wax collection and removal. They feature a rollable stainless steel cart and pan for collecting evacuated wax for recycling.
A specially designed counterbalanced lid is easy for one man to operate fast, safe, ceramic shell loading and removal.
The versatile Johnson Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnace is designed for use by artists and industry alike.

Spark Ignition and Safety Controls

Johnson Burn-Out Furnaces operate with a simple push of a button. They feature a "Flame Rod" safety system and an integrated pyrometer for accurate temperature indication.
The furnace's low admission to atmosphere further adds to its appeal and meets most environmental emission standards.

Wide Temperature Range

Versatile Johnson Burn-Out Furnaces are designed to provide both a low temperature "bushy" type flame for the wax evacuation cycle, and high, fast heat for the shell curing cycle.

Rugged Construction - Compact Design

Johnson Burn-Out Furnaces are built of arc-welded, heavy-gauge steel with special firebox reinforcement. Burners are cast iron. The big heat chambers are heavily insulated with highest quality poured castable refractory.
The furnaces are compact. They will easily fit in a 10' x 12' area, saving valuable floor space.


Johnson Soft Metal Melting Furnace w/Pot, Model 200

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Johnson Gas 36 inch Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnace

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Johnson Gas 12 inch Extension for 36 inch Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnace


Johnson Gas 28 inch Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnace

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Johnson Gas 12 inch Extension for 28 inch Ceramic Shell Burn-Out Furnace