Spring Swages

These swages are designed for use under a power hammer or treadle hammer.

Pieh Legacy Collection
Victory Forge Springs Swages are all handcrafted from hot rolled 1018 steel. They are made in the United States (Camp Verde, Arizona) by our resident blacksmith instructor Gordon Williams. Be assured each tool is crafted carefully; your satisfaction is guaranteed! We stand behind it!
Ask us about modifying your swage for a nominal fee to fit your power hammer!

As a general rule, spring swages are designed for use on square stock. Square stock produces the best results because there is more material to displace therefore producing better results. They will work on round as well, but will not turn out as nicely-sometimes requiring more clean up on the piece produced. If we make a swage for round specifically, we will indicate this in the products descriptive title. Spring swages can be used by hand at the anvil or power hammer but will produce better results if you build a saddle to go over a power hammer die with a hardy hole in it and weld a hardy stob onto the spring swage; this hardy stob will also allow the spring swage to be used in the hardy hole of your anvil.


Pieh Legacy Rope Spring Swage


Pieh Legacy Leaf Blank Swage


Pieh Legacy Ball Spring Swage


Pieh Legacy Acorn Spring Swage


Pieh Legacy Grape Spring Swage

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Pieh LegacyTenon Spring Swage

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Pieh LegacyVine Texture Spring Swage

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