Vector Nails


 Vector horseshoe nails are a rolled process nail made by a company with over 35 years experience.

  • Available in 3 ½ Race, 4 ½ Race, 4 ½ Special, 5 Race, 5 City, 5 Slim, 5 Special, 6 City, VX-50, VX-60, E-3 Slim, E-4 Slim, E-5 Slim and E-6 Slim
  • Rolled process produces nails with high tensile strength.
  • The nails are packaged in an attractive, durable plastic container with color coded labels indicating the different nail styles.
  • All boxes contain 250 nails. Individual boxes are packed in a sturdy case that holds 12 boxes.
  • 5 Race, 5 City and 5 Slim are also available in boxes containing just 100 nails. These smaller boxes are packed in cases containing 24 boxes.


For farriers who are using a large number of Vector nails we offer Farrier Packs - 1,250 nails per box; 4 boxes per case. Farrier Packs are currently available in 5 City, 5 Slim, 6 City, E-4 Slim, E-5 Slim, VX-50, and VX-60. Other nail sizes are available in Farrier Packs upon request.


Vector Slim Blade Nail 5 (12X250)

ex Shipping lbs

Vector City Head Nail 5 (12X250)

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Vector City Head Nail 6 (12x250)

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Vector E Head Slim Nail (12x250)


Vector Race Nail (12X250)


Vector Special Nail (12x250)


Vector VX Nail (12X250)


Vector V-Trak 5 City (100/bx)

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