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Aprons and Apparel

Since 2002, the Pieh Legacy brand has earned the respect and trust of blacksmiths, knifemakers and farriers. There is simply no stronger tool brand in our niche market. Go into just about any professional blacksmith shop or shoeing trailer and you'll see Pieh tools such as the Billy tongs, Victory Forge Spring Swages, leather aprons, punches or Bonnie hoof knives, Pieh hoof nippers proudly displayed for all to see.


The tools we sell are a 'Top Shelf Standard' for professionals and recognized as top quality at truly fair prices. They simply define the professional blacksmith or farrier. 


Furthermore, we desire to excite and entice the minds of many with new tools & techniques and cross-industry concepts which we transform into exciting new products.


Pieh Legacy Farrier Apron (with Back Support Pad;) Smoke Denier

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Pieh Legacy Farrier Apron (with Back Support Pad) Red-Blue Denier

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Pieh Tool Legacy Farrier Suede Apron, Rust

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Pieh Blacksmith Lap Apron, Leather


Pieh Knifemaker Apron, Flame Retardant

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Pieh Blacksmith Bib Apron, Leather


Pieh Tool Womens V-Neck Logo T-Shirt-Black/Gold


Pieh Tool Mens Logo T-Shirt-Black/Gold


Pieh Trucker Hat, Embroidered Logo

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