Werkman Horseshoes

Traditional craftsmanship since 1909

The Werkman name stands for uncommonly sound products. The traditional quality so typical of a bygone era is something you can still find today in our horseshoes. Although Werkman uses modern technologies, we still cling to our traditional principles: horseshoes of rolled metal. Horseshoes made of this material are easier for farriers to work: an outstanding basic material for farriers who insist on supplying quality.

Creases and nail holes: perfection from Werkman

Horseshoes from Werkman are renowned for their creases and nail holes. Their perfect design and precision production ensure a perfect fit. These advantages can be seen in practice: shoeing with Werkman shoes goes quickly and securely. And their life span is long. What's more, Werkman horseshoes are carefully finished to provide a beautiful, well-groomed look - an important advantage in today's equestrian events.

Werkman shoes are especially great for Jumpers. Many leading farriers are preferring the style of the Werkman shoe over other major brands.


Werkman WS Special Shoes


Werkman WZL Riding Shoes, 19x8 Clipped


Werkman WZL Riding Shoes, 22x8 Clipped