Equine Slipper

The Deluxe Equine Slipper is a revolutionary advancement for the equine industry. It was developed to aid in medicating, treating and protecting the equine hoof.

A Better Alternative
Replacing foot wraps every time medication is re-applied can be expensive and time consuming. Foot wraps, if applied incorrectly, can actually harm your horse. The Slipper replaces a foot wrap altogether. This unique product allows the hoof to breathe and prevents hoof sweat while being treated, which helps to promote a healthy hoof.

The body of the Slipper is made of a heavy ply Cordura®, is fastened to a high-grade leather base with an abrasive resistant and chemical resistant tensylon thread and fastens with industrial strength Velcro®. This durable, yet pliable material allows a comfortable fit and makes them safe and easy to apply. The soft padding around the top of the Slipper gives the horse a comfortable fit, eliminating the chance of cutting or digging often experienced with other equine boots.

This product is 100% machine washable and is designed for multiple uses.

The Deluxe Equine SlipperSizing

The Equine Slipper is tailored for maximum adjustability and fit. The four sizes, along with adjustable Velcro®, allow for a custom fit for all normal hoof variations. 

1. Measure the widest part of the hoof.
2. Consult our sizing chart to determine the appropriate size. 

The smallest size possible is preferable because it reduces wear on the Slipper and provides the horse with a better fit.

 Equine Slipper Size Chart


Hoof Width

Hoof Length


4 3/4"

4 3/4"


5 3/4"



6 1/2"

6 1/4"

Extra Large

7 1/4"








Deluxe Equine Slipper