Soft-Ride Boots

Soft-Ride gel orthotics absorb the shock and vibrations of long trailer trips. A less-stressful trip means the horse can perform better right out of the trailer.

Reflected heat from hot asphalt reaches horses' hooves easily. Soft-Ride boots provide soothing insulation to make the trip more bearable.
They also work as 'hauling slippers' with leg wraps or shipping boots.
And, their non-slip soles provide traction on loading ramps.
The deep gel in our orthotics assists the natural blood circulation in horses' hooves as they shift their weight.

Modern show-ground facilities are being converted to asphalt and concrete stall flooring. Easy to clean, but tough on horses' hooves.
Soft-Ride boots ease the discomfort of these hard concrete floors without the need for expensive floor mats.
When a horse is in pain, immediate comfort is always the first priority. Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots relieve suffering from a wide variety of hoof conditions and disorders.

  • Protect, support and stabilize the foot in chronic laminates or hoof injury.
    Provide easy-to-remove bandage and dressing coverage for pre- and post-surgical care.
  • Cushion sore hooves recovering from chronic lameness.
  • With a disposable liner, they make great soaking boots to treat hoof abcesses, puncture wounds, white line disease and thrush.
  • Comfort stinging soles after a hard workout.
  • Create temporary support for horses with possible tendon or ligament strain.
  • Protect a hoof when a horse is unshod, or has thrown a shoe.

Soft Ride Boots