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GILDERS® Paste: The Most Versatile
Colorizing Paste in the Industry

In 1998, we discovered GILDERS® paste wax. We internally realized the potential that this type of product would have in the picture framing and wrought iron industry; soon, the desire for a gilded look spread to artists of varying skill levels and materials. Whether you’re a professional artist or a DIYer looking to step up your finishing skills, our product is easy to use and forgiving while providing a colorful and durable wax finish.

Here are some of the reasons GILDERS® paste wax stands apart from other products on the market

Easy To Use

  • No need to warm up to reconstitute
  • Ability to apply at room temperature
  • Concentrated formulation ensures that a little goes a long way
  • Ability to mix with one another to produce an endless color palette


  • Colorfast artesian pigments
  • Real Metallic Pigmnents
  • Ability to extend with thinner into a cream, paint, stain, or wash
  • Firm wax for dry brushing techniques
  • No dripping, no splatters, and no runs

No Waist, Safe

  • Ability to put unused product back in the container for another day
  • Easy to wash off with warm water and soap
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Non-tarnishing

Gilders Paste

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GILDERS® paste wax offers a collection of various waxes, resins and high concentrations of pigments, with enhanced tint retention and hiding ability for coloring and highlighting interior and exterior finishes.

10 Popular GILDERS® Paste Wax Applications

It’s typical for your latest art project to seem like it might just end up a little too similar to all the others. There’s something missing. You order GILDERS® Paste Wax and – BAM – suddenly it doesn’t take more than a soft cloth, brush, or even a finger to apply that textured finish you’ve been missing.

Considering GILDERS® Paste Wax goes on so easily and dries in just 30-60 minutes (in addition to being available in primary, secondary, and metallic colors), there’s no better option out there for new or restoration projects.


Yes, You Can Decorate Granite

If your kids are looking to paint your countertops, your probably better off telling them “no” rather than handing them a few tins of GILDERS® Paste Wax . If, however, YOU are looking to draw/paint unique patterns onto granite material, then GILDERS® Paste Wax is the best arts and crafts selection. From a Lazy Susan to a mortar and pestle, why not add the decorative pattern you feel has been missing?


Concrete Is an Application Too, Believe It or Not

Face it: your more than a kid with a piece of chalk looking to play hopscotch on your parents’ driveway. You might be working with a piece of concrete art. Perhaps your decorating a commercial floor to give it that textured flair which has been desperately absent. Whatever the case, GILDERS® Paste Wax can be applied to concrete quite easily, and once on, will STAY on.


Give Clay Sculptures a Special Finishing Touch

“I regularly use GILDRES®Paste to add accents to my polymer clay designs. It is incredibly easy to use, and a little goes a long way. It is also easy to apply glazes over it to seal it. I am slowly building my collection of various colors of GILDRES® paste!”

Lisa – Avon, CT:

Often times, clay sculptures are missing the tiny details which separate good from great. With GILDERS® Paste Wax metallic line of wax-based color mediums, those details are achieveable, quickly, and affordably.


Ridged Foam Coloring

One difficult fact about ridged foam is the awkward free-form shapes in which they can be made. Thanks to GILDERS® Paste Wax, expanded polystrene foam can now be fully covered with your desired color/texture. Do you have a foam art project requiring detailed flourish? From an architectural meeting to an afternoon arts and crafts session, GILDERS® Paste Wax makes foam as beautiful as you need it to be.


GILDERS® Paste Wax Gourd Applications

A simple gourd has now become the canvas of a new generation. Coloring gourds with GILDERS® Paste Wax creates stunning results. The personal edge of creativity and beauty can be seen on the official GILDERS® Paste Wax Gourd Applications page.

#5 WAX

Beautiful Texture in Minutes

Decorating candles has never been easier. Why pay crazy prices for a candle that isn’t even decorated to your exact specifications? Just wipe a little paint thinner across the surface of the candle, allow it to dry, then use either your finger or a small brush to apply the colors of your choice directly onto the wax surface. The GILDERS® Paste Wax will dry in under 30 minutes. Pretty cool results, eh?


Make the Old Look New

Much of the appeal surrounding GILDERS® Paste Wax is the luxurious transformation it imparts. Colors like African Bronze and our variations of Gold (Antique, Inca, Rich, and regular) all shimmer with metallic flakes, giving simple resin structures a far more sophisticated look.


Decorate Your Ceramic Pots

The fact GILDERS® Paste Wax is water resistant makes it a terrific medium for decorating pots. Whatever you decide to paint on your terra cotta (or even plastic planters), your decoration will be as textured as it is beautiful. All 28 pre-blended colors of GILDERS® Paste Wax are ready to shine, making your friends wonder exactly how you pulled off such stunning results. In fact, they won’t know how minimal the work was on your part.


Lightweight, strong, sturdy case, versatile, works effectively…these waxes work well on all surfaces I have tried so far.”

Patty – Roselle, IL:

Ideas for Applying GILDERS® Paste Wax to Wood:

• Gilding repair
• Picture frames
• Antique restoration
• Furniture
• Finals
• Ornate fretwork rope
• Dental trim


GILDERS® Paste Wax Examples of Color on Metal

The sheer volume of metal applications for GILDERS® Paste Wax is simply outstanding. Majority of them you would never even think of: railings, gates, chandeliers, lamps – and so many more, including jewelery (hands-down one of the top uses). Completely transforming an old, existing piece of metal into a shimmering masterpiece is only a tin or two away. With uniquely rich colors like Foundry Bronze, Pinotage, and German Silver, the artistic possibilities are endless.

To reiterate the above, GILDERS® Paste Wax is the convenient tool you’ve been missing for interior and exterior applications alike.