Rubber Outside and Steel Shoe Inside!

Because these shoes are in European sizes 0 to 5, you can find the US size by subtracting 2 from the Ollov size (ie. An Ollov size 4 equals a US size 2).

Designed to absorb high-frequency vibrations which can cause bone, joint and tendon injuries, the Öllöv Original uses a specially formulated rubber that is bonded to a thin steel horseshoe. Applied just like a regular horseshoe, the Öllöv Original can reduce and/or prevent many concussion-related injuries such as splints and swollen legs/joints. The front pattern is toe clipped and the hind pattern side clipped, and they are available in European sizes 0 to 5 (i.e.: An Ollov size 4 equals a US size 2).

Ollov Original Rubber Shoe, Front,

Ollov Original Rubber Shoe, Hind