Mustad Nails

Mustad International


Mustad International is well known for both traditional and innovative products including tools, horseshoe nails, shoes, studs.

The history of Mustad

1832 - 1892
The first 60 years of the Mustad company were characterized by the development of revolutionary technology for the production of small metal parts derived from steel wire. The company grew rapidly inside Norway making pins, needles, tacks and a multitude of other small products as well as the two main products that finally placed the Group on the World Map: Horseshoe-nails and Fishhooks. 
1892 - 1939
Through the take-over of more than 300 competitors all over Europe and the establishing of Mustad-factories in the major markets, the Group grew to be the World leader in both these markets, a position still held today. Screws also became a major Group product internationally.   
1940 - 1950
The second World War made ravages of many industrial Groups throughout Europe. Two thirds of the Mustad Group with about 8000 employees, disappeared behind the Iron Curtain. Thanks to their almost totally decentralized structure, the rest of the companies could keep on going on their independent way just as before the War.  

1950 - 1974
The years of reconstruction in Europe brought unprecedented, indiscriminate growth in all sectors. This was also the case for the Mustad Group. Most factories were first booming, then bloating. Then, with the arrival of the oil crisis of the mid-1970s, European business had to face severely declining markets for the first time. 
1975 - 1980
Restructuring and downsizing became the new model of operation. During this period the Mustad Group split. Fishhooks became an independently owned and operated Group based in Norway, and the Mustad International Group as they are known today, moved to Holland. Many units were closed or reduced to create a solid basis for future growth.    

1981 - 2000
In two decades the Group grew from 12 to over 30 independent units in 20 countries on 5 continents. One area of expansion was in oil recycling and the refining of used motor oils. Another by strongly developing their machinery-sector. However the major growth was by acquisition in the hoofcare sector where they expanded their technology by adding farrier tools and many types of horseshoe products; all in an effort to serve the many local traditions that thrive in countries and regions around the world. Today the Group is a world-wide leader in both nails and shoes.

As of January 1, 2009, the Mustad Hoofcare Center, Inc. was acquired by Delta Horseshoe Co. Inc. 
Delta Mustad Hoofcare Center, Inc. provides hoof care products for farriers, veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners. It provides horseshoe nails and various tools including nippers, nail pullers, driving hammers, clinchers, custom hoof knifes, knife sharpeners, nail and clinch cutters, forging tongs, fore punches, and creases. The company markets its products through distributors in the United States like Pieh Tool Company, Inc. The company was founded in 1986 and is based in Forest Lake, Minnesota.