Natural Balance PLR
Natural Balance PLR

Horseshoes: Aluminum

Our Aluminum shoe brands offered are by Natural Balance, St. Croix, Double S, No-Vibe, Kerckhaert, Victory, Thoro'Bred, Grand Circuit, NANRIC & KB Horseshoes.

We have a large selection of therapeutic and performance shoes.  Please inquire if you need assistance in your selection.


Lameness and Wedge Shoes
If a conformational defect is not corrected with therapeutic shoeing, it can lead to greater or even permanent damage. For example, if your horse has long toes and low heels and is not trimmed and shod to accommodate this, it can strain and tear his deep flexor tendon. Laminitis is a condition in which the coffin bone within the hoof capsule becomes unstable and can rotate, causing debilitating lameness. Wedge shoes help stabilize the coffin bone. Horses with navicular syndrome, characterized by changes in the navicular bone within the hoof, also benefit from wedge shoes. This is because the navicular bone works directly with the deep flexor tendon to relieve stress on the coffin bone, and also supports blood flow to the coffin bone. The wedge shoe helps take over for the navicular bone.