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Blacksmithing Coke

We offer Coke specifically formulated for the blacksmith.
Shipping by UPS can be more than either product. Call for a quote if concerned. You may want to consider purchasing a minimum of 200 lbs and have it shipped by motor freight. This will spread out the shipping expense.

It is predicted we will have a hard time getting coke next year. The gerat coal we sold is no longer              being mined.

Christmas Sack of Coal

Do you know someone who has been naughty?

Give them lumps of coal in their stocking this year. You will be sure to get a smirk or giggle!


Coke - 50 lb bag

Our coke is especially processed and sized to be used in blacksmith and farrier forges. It comes from Alabama and is bituminous coal or known as coal-coke. It is coke made from good soft coal. This will burn very hot. (This is not petroleum coke and it is not made from anthracite coal either.)

Special Pricing: If you buy 5-9 bags you will save 5%. If you buy 10 -25 10%, 50 20%. 100 30% +

Handling is $4 per package on all UPS coke orders.