Snow Pads

Castle is Soundness for the Equine Athlete!

Castle Plastics has been in the hoof pad industry for ten years and the plastic business for 80 years. They have introduced most of the successful pads in the past decade. Guided by farriers worldwide, today these pads are used extensively every day around the world. Castle pads are manufactured in the USA from virgin polyurethane material.

To ensure safe riding in winter months, we offer a wide assortment of pads to suit the conditions. Resilient even in sub-zero cold, yet resists barnyard acids. The convex ball in center of the Snoball pad rejects packing of ice and snow (or snowballing), and promotes safer footing. All work well with shoes with low caulks or borium.


Castle Snoball Pad

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Castle Snoball Pad, Draft

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Castle Sno Rim Urethane Pad, Clear


Castle Sno Rim Urethane Pad, Black


Castle Square Toe Sno Rim Pads, Black