Chasing & Repousse Supplies

Repousse (or repoussage) is a metalworking technique in which a malleable metal (Steel, Tin, Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze sheet metal) is ornamented or shaped by hammering from the reverse side. Chasing is the opposite technique to repousse, and the two are used in conjunction to create a finished piece. It is also commonly known as embossing. The top end of the chasing tool is struck with a chasing hammer while the work is held normally in a pitch bowl.

Pieh Tool Chasing ToolsPieh Tool has established itself as the leader in quality American made chasing tools. Using only the finest high carbon tool steel, our tools are hand forged, heat treated and tempered by expert craftsmen. Each tool is polished, sharpened, and brushed to reinforce the high standard that has given Pieh Tool an industry advantage.

We are able to serve our customers better than ever by combining advanced technologies with age old traditions in the manufacturing of our tools. Our chasing tools supply the jeweler, artist, hobbyist and student with the best chasing tools available. These tools have aided in the design and successful placement of pieces in galleries, as well as, commercial and private collections worldwide.


Pieh Tool Chasing Set 1

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Pieh Tool Chasing Set 2

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Pieh Tool Chasing Set 3 (20 Tools)

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Pieh Tool Chasing Individual Tools

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Pieh Tool Chasing Set 4 (Eye)

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Pieh Tool Chasing Set 6

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Red German Pitch

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8 Inch Pitch Bowl and/or Ring


Pitch Bowl Kit

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Milwaukee Variable Temperature Heat Gun, 6 Amp

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5" Pitch Bowl


5 Inch Pitch Bowl Rubber Ring Pad


Pitch Bowl Rubber Ring for Shallow Bowl


6 1/4" Shallow Pitch Bowl


7" Round Leather sandbag


7" x 7" square leather sandbag


Economy Dapping Punch and Die Set 2.3 to 25 mm


Large Dapping punch set - 5 punches 28 mm to 45 mm