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Here you can order the 8 individual tools that are part of the Chasing Set 3

*Please note that 12 of these tools are from Set #2. If you have already purchased Set #2 and would like to order only the 8 New tools you may do so now. They are listed at the right.

Overall length is approximately 4 1/2 inches. Made from W-1 tool steel.

Made in USA.

Item #: PTChaseTL.188, PTChaseTL.25, PTChaseTLDS.25, PTChaseTHDS.50, PTChaseTH.438, PTChaseTH.50, PTChaseHRT.19, PTChaseHRTH.19, PTChaseHR.25, PTChaseHR.44, PTChaseHR.50, PTChaseRh.19,