About the President

Many people ask me how I ended up selling horseshoes and blacksmith supplies. Their second question usually is: "Why did you pick Camp Verde, Arizona?" It's a simple story.


In 1960, seven years before I was born, my father Bill and mother Bonnie started Centaur Forge, Ltd. I grew up knowing blacksmiths and shoers. Didn't everybody? Dad and Mom's passion for taking care of the folks who depended upon them brought them success in their business. They also made a lot of friends. As far as my parents were concerned, 'caring' was a hundred and ten percent effort. It was always their goal to provide the widest selection of products from books to anvils for the best value. That stuck with me. 

That passion for caring stuck with me when I joined the United States Air Force and became a safety inspector on aircraft. After I separated from the military I continued as an inspector in the aerospace, fossil fuel and nuclear power industries worldwide. 

When my father became seriously ill and died in 2000, I moved back to Wisconsin to help at the company. Not long after, my mother also passed away. In the two years I worked at my parents' company, I realized that there was more to my returning home than just helping out. I was carrying on a forty-year family tradition. 

Everyday when I awakened I could hardly wait to get to the office. Centaur Forge's customers had become my parents' friends, and their friends were quickly becoming my friends too. Just like my parents, I wanted to be there for my friends when they needed me. 

When the company was sold, I went back to work at the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station in Arizona, but I just could not walk away from the customers who had now become my friends. I asked for and received loads of advice from a lot of folks. I prayed a lot. Then one day I visited Camp Verde. 

Looking across the western landscape I thought, you know Amy face it. You miss the blacksmith and horseshoe supply business and the people. You like the wide-open spaces here. And the neighbors are terrific. Dad and Mom would be very proud that you established a business and carried on the traditions they practiced over four decades. Just then there was this little voice that whispered out of nowhere. "You can do it, Amy! Right here, " and well, what can I say?  Welcome to Pieh Tool Company!   In March of 2013 we opened our second location in north Phoenix.  Pieh Tool Company is my dream in the making. It is my 'thank you' to two of the most wonderful people I ever met-Bonnie and Bill Pieh.  

My staff and I look forward to your visit at our store. Be sure to try a cup of coffee at Cafe Le Pieh. Come see what's new in the world of blacksmithing and horseshoeing.  Until then, as you can see, we are only a web page away for your horseshoeing and blacksmithing needs. And of course, if you're not near a computer, just pick up the phone and dial toll free. We'll be happy to hear from you and process your order in the same prompt, friendly and efficient manner my parents did and always at the best prices in the industry.

Warmest regards,

Amy Pieh, President