Every class is unique

 Whether you are flying solo or bringing 5 other family members; a father and son, 2 gals studying modern art; or you and a buddy from work...you will remember this as a priceless experience!  We look forward to meeting you and hearing your story.



The Bill Pieh Resource for Metalwork is a unique three-season metalworking craft school located in Camp Verde, Arizona.   

Founded in 2003 by Pieh Tool Company

All classes are held at Pieh Tool in Camp Verde, Arizona.  We are 25 miles south of Sedona and 1 hour north of Phoenix.  Inc., The school’s mission is to foster interest and knowledge in metalworking crafts. These include disciplines such as Blacksmithing, Bladesmithing, and Coppersmithing such as Raising, Sinking, Chasing & Repousse'. Workshops are also offered in Silversmithing, Engraving and Jewelry-making occasionally.

 As Arizona’s only notable non-university metalworking school, the Bill Pieh Resource for Metalwork offers both beginner and advanced artists a variety of 2 and 3-day courses and several demonstrations taught by some of the worlds finest metalsmiths. The programs are expanding and are updated on the Pieh Tool website Calendar.

The school is named in honor of the owner's (Amy Pieh)  father,  the late Bill Pieh (founder and former owner of Centaur Forge, Ltd.). When Bill passed in 2000 there was a large void in the farrier and blacksmith industries. Much of Bill's days comprised of taking phone from customers looking for guidance in shoeing, equine anatomy,  blacksmithing, metallurgy, machinery  or  topics related to starting a trade association, or in support of the products we sold. He was a founding member of ABANA, UMBA, IVBA, AFA & FIA often serving as a board member. At Pieh Tool we want to carry on this legacy; and although we could never replace the loss of Bill, we want to serve as a resource and a place where people meet and share
Come learn in an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie! The creative energy and enthusiasm of the instructor provides adults and teenagers with unique skills and lasting memories.