Single Blade Knives

A hoof knife is a strong, slightly curved knife with its tip turned laterally on itself to form a tunnel. The flat part of the blade is used to trim the bottom of the hoof wall and the curved part to make grooves or cut holes. The standard knife is the single edge style. 


The Bonnie Knife, Long Handle

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The Bonnie Knife, Regular Handle


Anvil Brand, The Knife, Long Handle


Double S Classic Hoof Knife


Diamond Wide Blade Hoof Knife

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Double S Rhino Hoof Knife

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Frost 171 Narrow Hoof Knife


Frost 180 Wide Hoof Knife


Hall Curved Blade Hoof Knife


Hall Drop Blade Hoof Knife


Hall Off-Set Hoof Knife


Halverson Narrow Hoof Knife

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Halverson Wide Hoof Knife

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Hastings Gold Dot Hoof Knife


Hastings Pro-Cut Hoof Knife

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Hastings Sta-Sharp Hoof Knife

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ICAR Classic Hoof Knife


ICAR Drop Blade Hoof Knife


ICAR Ergo Classic Hoof Knife


ICAR Pleasant Valley Narrow Hoof Knife


ICAR Pleasant Valley Wide Hoof Knife


JH Forge Deep Belly Hoof Knife with Hoof Pick


Jim Keith Sole Knife

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Salcito Hoof Knife, Curved Handle

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Salcito Right Hoof Knife, Straight Handle

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