JH Forge Deep Belly Hoof Knife with Hoof Pick

JH Forge
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This custom, hand-made hoof knife is designed to clean out the foot, as well as exfoliate the sole with ease.  The JH Forge Deep Belly hoof knife is made of hardened steel so it tends to hold a better edge.  You can see that it has a dropped blade design with an adequate belly. 

The custom hoof pick is designed to clean the foot without dulling the blade or hook.  The handle is constructed of various types of hard wood and is shaped to fit the hand comfortably.

Shoers who prefer to work with an angled hand like the deep curved blade.

Knife is available in left or right hand or with a short handle

If your palm area of your hand measures near 3" accross order the short slim handle
"Made in USA.

Item #: JH-DBL.LReg, JH-DBR.LReg, JH-DBR.SSlim, JH-DBLSSlim