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Dye Oxide Patina

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The water base Dye-Oxide Patinas are very versatile. They are a cross between the Solvent Base Dyes and a patina. All of the colors are transparent and may be blended or layered together to achieve any color you want. They may be applied over any metal or any other patina solution while it is wet or dry to alter the color. The Dye-Oxides can also be added to the patina before application or directly applied over other Metal Coatings like Gilders Paste. All Dye-Oxides may be used for indoor and outdoor use.

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Wilton Ductile Pipe Wrench

Drop forged upper and lower jaws with heavy duty adjustable ring. Ductile cast iron handle. Floating hook jaw with spring suspension for easier gripping.
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Sanding Disc, 5 x 7/8 Aluminum Oxide 24 Grit

Get twice the life and 3 times the performance of Aluminum Oxide discs from this Ceramic resin Fibber Disc. You get extremely high stock removal in a long life disc for the most demanding grinding applications. Ideal for superior grinding and finishing performance on all types of carbon steel.

Resin Bonded