Milwaukee Red Lithium Advantage

M18 Battery Power

Milwaukee RED LITHIUM™ Advantage

If you are searching for the best 12 volt or 18 volt lithium-ion cordless power tools, nothing comes close to the Milwaukee® M12™ & M18™ systems, and both are powered by the best lithium-ion technology available, RED LITHIUM™.

Milwaukee® is the world leader in cordless lithium-ion technology, offering the most advanced solutions to tradesmen around the globe. This exclusive line of RED LITHIUM™ batteries provide up to 40% more run-time, 20% more power and 50% more recharges than conventional lithium-Ion batteries. RED LITHIUM™ batteries deliver best in class performance in extreme job-site conditions, including temps as low as 0°F/-18°C. In regions where heat is also a critical factor, RED LITHIUM™ batteries operate 20% cooler than conventional lithium-ion batteries and offer fade free power with no memory effect.

Fully compatible with all M12™ and M18™ cordless products currently available, the RED LITHIUM™ battery packs provide an instant upgrade to the performance, run-time and durability of the M12™ and M18™ tools you may already own.