for decades - its our legacy

It is not always practical to make your own set of tongs.  If you have questions about choosing the right tool, please do not hesitate to contact us.  For decades the Pieh's have been known for their large range of custom and unique tools for farriers, blacksmiths, knifemakers, foundry workers and sheet metal workers.  Today, we still have the largest selection and best quality brands available!


Tongs, are an indispensable tool to metalworkers; and are superior to pliers or vise grips for holding hot metal because tongs have a specialized purpose (reins) and are used at temperatures in excess of 2400 degrees. They do not scratch or gawl the workpiece when maintained and used correctly.

*Be careful when purchasing tongs. Our tongs are always stamped Billy tongs, and Pieh Tool. We offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on our tongs. There has been a lot of copies surfacing lately within the farrier and blacksmith community.  The dealers will be found with their own name them--which is dishonest and false representation.   This private labeling would never be approved by us, we do not offer that service and it has not approved by Pieh Tool.  For a small period of time we allowed it with one individual who has since passed.  You can usually spot them if you know how to look at them.   They look like ours but are often made from inferior steel (mild steel for instance) Our tongs are made from tool steel. You may also see tools with inclusions or misaligned jaws, bad rivets etc. We hand inspect each tong and reject the ones that don't pass our strict standards. Our rejects are always identified so, and if sold it is only sold by Pieh Tool.  So again if you find an inferior tong not marked by us you have a pair of poor knockoffs or those taken illegally.

We cannot honor our lifetime guarantee on such tools. However, should you find yourself in jam and undoubtedly the seller won't stand behind it, please give us a call.

Pieh Tool dealers are also carefully selected & would not ever intentionally sell any rejected or inferior tongs. Pieh dealers are trained and knowledgeable in our tong line and know their uses and purposes. Trained to help you make educated purchases that won’t break the bank..  So please be use caution;  for the sake of your pocket book and your safety.  We have heard stories of projects set back or ruined,  as well as accidents involving injury directly related to tool failure...