When you are in the market for a new portable gas-fired forge, you have several makes and models from which to choose.  General specifications include:

  • Constructed of thick 12 gauge (.109) hot rolled premium steel.
  • Heavy-duty welded two piece clamshell construction.
  • Full 3 inch heat chamber opening.
  • Needle valve fuel adjustment insures precise distribution of fuel flow.
  • Unique slanted base for top mounted door units allows easy and convenient access to heat chamber.
  • Tough and durable powder coated black and silver "hammered metal" finish.
  • 9 foot long fuel hose (12 inches longer than many other forges).
  • Fully-assembled, ready-to-use UL listed regulator and pressure gauge.
  • Convenient spark igniter assembly.
  • Heavy cast iron burners permanently welded to housing top.
  • Quick and easy replacement of lining and hearth brick material.
  • Accessories designed exclusively for Forgemaster enable you to customize your forge to suit your needs and applications.

Prices listed below are available for online orders only.  Items for pick up in our store will include added shipping charges.


Forgemaster Blacksmith Propane Gas Forge, Double Burner with Side Ports

Forgemaster Universal Gas Forge Stand

Forgemaster Swingmaster Gas Forge Swing Arm

Forgemaster Blacksmith Reliner Kit

Forgemaster Blacksmith/Farrier - Wall Kit

Forgemaster Blacksmith/Farrier Top Liner

Forgemaster Blacksmith Door Liner

Forgemaster Blacksmith Fuel Hose

Forgemaster Hearth Brick

Forgemaster Hearth Brick with Clip

Forgemaster Window Guard

Forgemaster Regulator Kit with Gauge

Forgemaster Igniter

Forgemaster LP Gas Hose

Forgemaster Orifice

Forgemaster Spark Plug