Some points about Mankel Gas Forges to consider.

  1. The liner in the round-bottomed Knifemaker model will hold up to repeated use of flux and forge-welding heat, without requiring replacement.
  2. Liners in the other Mankel models hold up to regular use better than those of most of the other gas forges available.
  3. Adjustable air and gas flow allow for better burn and temperature control in various atmospheric conditions.
  4. Adjustable top height, using additional firebrick and longer threaded rods on all models allows for working larger stock.
  5. All 4 models of Mankel gas forge can be ordered for use with either propane or natural gas, and can be switched from one to the other at any time, with minimal equipment change.
  6. Any model of Mankel gas forge can be ordered with either an electric blower or with a 12-volt DC blower, for use where electricity is not available.
  7. The 2-burner models weigh 90-110 pounds, making them very portable. The 3-burner models weigh 130-170 pounds.
  8. We have spoken with multiple customers who have been using a Mankel gas forge for 35 years or more, without need of repair and are just now calling for replacement liners or other parts.

For questions on the Mankel gas forge, additional information, or advice on what model is right for you, please email or call us 888-743-4866 with your questions.

All Mankel forges come with a 115 volt or 12 volt blower unless the product is identified as an atmospheric forge.

Be sure to tell us if you need a 12 volt blower, otherwise all forges are standard 115 volt.


Mankel Knife Maker Gas Open End Forge - 2 Burner with Round Bottom


Mankel Knife Maker Gas Open End Forge - 3 Burner with Round Bottom


Mankel Blacksmith Gas Open End Forge - 3 Burner (Flat Bottom)


Mankel Rebuild (Reliner) Kit


Mankel Thermotect Board for closing front of Knifemaker Open End Forges ( 2x2.5x20 inch)

ex Shipping lbs

Mankel Brass Orifice and Mixer


Fisher High Pressure Regulator, 3 - 35 psi

ex Shipping lbs

Mankel Reducer