Mankel Blacksmith Gas Open End Forge - 3 Burner (Flat Bottom)

Black Bear Forge
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Forge is unavailable at this time do to a shortage of 2600 degree thermotech board. Please check back, however you are welcome to  get on our waiting list.  8/12/22

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Hand built in Michigan, USA!

After the forge is preheated the three burners allow the temperature to reach 2600 degrees! By removing the side bricks, the forge can be open from 3 sides. The forge top is lined with Thermotect A Board and the bottom is poured refractory cement with a flat bottom hearth. Forge is fabricated of formed steel. It is tough-will take just about any abuse. It is also extremely easy to repair.

Supplied with:

  • Manifold, complete with orifices
  • Regulator with pressure guage
  • 8 ft. hose
  • 115 vol\t blower

Shipping Wegiht: 151 lbs.


  • Outside Case: 20" x 12"
  • Opening: 16" wide x 2" high (with ends in)

Item #: MOE3115P