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Laminitis and Founder, Prevention and treatment for the Greatest of Success

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Butler & Gravlee

Laminitis & Founder: Prevention and Treatment for the Greatest Chance of Success provides understandable explanations and effective treatments for laminitis and founder that have eluded veterinarians, farriers and horse owners for years. With their combined experience of over 75 years of dealing with these devastating diseases, Dr. Doug Butler and Dr. Frank Gravlee present a practical, yet credible, guide for modern horse owners that is based on scientific evidence from personal research and experience. In order to choose the most effective treatment regimen for laminitis and founder, horse caregivers must...

-Understand the predisposing cause
-Determine the stage of the disease
-Decide on a mode of action, and
-Learn how best to prevent future attacks

Laminitis & Founder: Prevention and Treatment for the Greatest Chance of Success identifies edema of the laminar tissues and sublaminar tissues as a cause of laminitis and founder. The book emphasizes that swelling must be reduced to prevent further damage to the sensitive foot tissues; that the damaged structures must be supported so the body can repair them; and that the destroyed tissue must be rebuilt by feeding the horse a balanced diet that includes nutrients that support dermal tissues. This book provides the foundation for horse owners, farriers, and veterinarians to work together for the good of the horse.

96 pages, 6 x 9 (Paperback) Illustrated

Item #: BK939